Download and installation

Download *.ear archive from repository.

The target server would be Glassfish 4.x, other platforms were not tested.

Parameters and settings

Your descriptors would map root and watch roles onto your file realm identities. The default mapping uses technician identity.

JDBC resource is java:app/jdbc/sensnet and points to jdbc:postgresql://localhost:5432/sensnet. Username and password is sensnet by default. The resource would always run PostgreSQL 9.4 (or above). Schema of the database is in the EAR's META-INF directory.

Mail resource is java:app/mail/snog, by default localhost SMTP for snog@localhost sender. All new unit sensors registrations are reported to java:app/cfg/superadminemail email, by default system at

To change any of the pre-configured values, adapt the respective EAR's META-INF descriptors.